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Clipping Path Warehouse

Published on by Clipping Path

===>>> To get a quote and to request a free trial on your clipping path projects, Call Upon Us Today.

Visit our clipping path service site at http://www.joolo.com/clipping-path/.

Different studios have different types of clipping path needs. In terms of quantity that is. While some photography studio being run by a single photographer and few other supporting employees will probably product somewhere in the range of 30 to 100 images in final versions. On the other hand, a packshot company or a product photography company with a squad of professional product photographers may produce over 1000 images a day. Clipping Path need therefore will vary based on the amount of photos that are being shot a day.

If you are high volume shooter and need clipping path of your product images, it sometimes will get very difficult for you to do it on your own. Even if you have company employee to do the clipping path work for you, still there will be times when you simply don’t have the time to do the clippings in-house.

Say if you are on the set all day long shooting product images for your client. By the end of the day you have say 75 images that you need Clipping Path work done for. You can't possibly stay up all night and do the product photo clippings. Best way to do this is to outsource the Clipping Path work to an offshore Clipping Path warehouse or a Clipping Path service provider.

Since these Clipping Path service providers are offshore, it is more than likely when you are sleeping at night, its work day there. So you get your images with Clipping Path work done by the time you get up from sleep and start getting ready for the next photo shoot. You just feel relaxed knowing that you didn't have to stay up all night and do the clipping and starting the day knowing that your clippings from last night are already done.

If you need your Clipping Path work done overnight, just contact our Joolo Media team.

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Clipping Path

Published on by Clipping Path

For outsourcing your bulk clipping path work, visit our service site at http://www.joolo.com/clipping-path/

Bulk clipping path outsourcing doesn't have to be a headache or a real pain in the rear. It can be a real easy task if the right clipping path outsourcing company is selected. A professional company will ensure the professional job. You must be looking for the highest quality clipping path work for you photo clipping needs. Then the delivery time must be a concern as well.

We are your perfect choice for all clipping path and other image editing needs. We have a large team therefore your large volume work is perfectly OK with us. Just let us know how many images you will need clipping path work done for and when you need them. We will deliver the job within your deadline. Guaranteed!

We use one hundred percent hand tool for creating paths on your images. No short cut or cutting corners with us using magic want or other sneaky methods. We will give you 100% accurate path that is guaranteed to meet your quality guideline.

If you have extremely large size high resolution file, say 150mb or more per file and need the clipping path work done at 200%, we can do that without any issue. If you can upload the files, we can hand the job regardless of how high the resolution is or how big the file is.

You can upload the files to your own ftp, to our ftp, or to any of the file sharing sites online like dropbox, wetransfer, etc. We can download the file form any of your preferred sources and upload them as desired.

If you have high resolution file in large size and want to save the upload/download time, there is no need to reduce the resolution of the file to convert is to smaller size. Doing so will create clipping path that will not fit on to the higher resolution original files. Just send us the original file or reduce the resolution by certain percentage so that we can increase the file by that specific percentage while editing. We are open to discuss on this type of large size file issues. As stated before, if you can upload the file, we can download it and upload back once the paths are created.

To get a glimpse of how we work, just send us a sample clipping path job and we will prove our skills.

Published on Clipping Path

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