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How much does a clipping path work cost? These days, you will find offshore freelancers charging pennies for clipping path work. When someone quotes you $0.25 for a 30 minutes job, then you know this is not something you can rely on. No matter which part of the work your freelancer is working out of, no one in their right state of mind will be able to or willing to work for $0.60 per hour. Even a teenager living free in their parents' home will not be able to work for that low rate.

But the fact is, there are some people showing this type of pricing when they advertise their clipping path business. In reality, when you ask for the quote, they will not give you that pricing. The actual cost will be significantly more. this low cost advertising is in a way to lure people to inquire about their services.

If you want to test it, just send a couple of sample images to one of those so called cheap service providers and see what kind of quote you get. We can guarantee that actual quote will not represent the low advertised price.

Can you really trust these shady businesses with your critical work that are in some cases time sensitive?

Can you really rely on these people for your sensitive client projects day after day, month after month and years to come? is an organized company with good business ethics. We do not do shady advertising to "LURE" clients in. We believe that credibility is important and building trust relationship with our clients is key to long term business relationship.

While our cost is not the lowest, it is low enough compared to other organized businesses. Just send us an inquiry about your project and let us do a few samples for you. You be the judge to decide whom you are willing to work with.

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